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Accounting Game ®






Welcome to play this game you must download the software ®.



Accounting software

(Runs on Access)

If you want to see an example of the software with some operations,
 we recommend that you start with the sample software.


Sample Software

(Runs on access)

 Throughout this game will be made accounting entries. 
If you are new at accounting there is some theory available.


Accounting Theory

The accounting operations are described in the cards that will be distributed to the players







Game rules

The game can be played by 2, 3 or 4 players. In addition to the players requires an umpire who must have accounting skills. Each player will have a computer with the accounting program decreba, belonging to this game, installed correctly. The cards with the accounting movements are shuffled and distributed by the players. Each player must make the different accounting movements related to the cards received. Each card must be occupied on the computer with a number of different documents. At the end of the accounting movements are audited by the referee. Each move thrown is incorrectly penalized with 1,000 recorded in interest paid. Each correctly posted move receives 1,000 recorded in interest income. Movements related to such interests are not penalized or adjudicated. When the cards and their accounting movements are completed, all players must complete the year-end movements. End-of-year movements should include depreciation, provisions, impairment charges, VAT delivery and tabulation of results. Movements related to the end of the year are not penalized or rewarded if they are correct or incorrect. However, if it is inaccurate it must be corrected following the instructions of the referee. The winner is the player who in the end has superior results.



We also take to inform you that the game file that we have downloaded, about 8 megabytes, Is executed in the access to the office that must be installed correctly in the equipment for this purpose.